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Towards a Broad and Inclusive Theory and Philosophy of History

João Ohara – Histories written from feminist, post- or decolonial, and racial-critical perspectives are powerful examples of the kind of polyphonic historical understanding about which Ethan Kleinberg invites us to think. However, these histories and the theories that make them possible are still considered “special cases” apart from mainstream historiography and theory of history proper. A broad and inclusive definition of theory and philosophy of history can help us overcome this problem.


Theory on the ground. A few remarks on theory of history

Anna Karla – The following text describes the relationship between history and theory in five interventions. The fact that it by no means covers the topic exhaustively lies in the matter itself rather than the brevity of the form. Theory of history unfolds in the course of conversation. Its allies are provisional ways of thinking and tentative expressions rather than an architecture of solid concepts.
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