Author: Augusto de Carvalho


A metaphor to time

Augusto de Carvalho – The idea of time has received careful attention from some of the most valuable thinkers. As the scientific image of the world is built on the study of changes rather than things, be it in physics or metaphysics, the nature of time has long been a ubiquitous topic. The fact that time is an old but pivotal question did not, however, prevent its most irritating characteristic from prevailing, that of being an improbable, illogical and still insoluble problem.


The Meanings of Historicity—the End and the Beginning

Augusto de Carvalho – An elementary founding principle of modern thinking, which philosophy called historicity, combines three structural aspects of human consciousness about the features of reality: that we are not omnipresent—therefore, we are not omniscient or omnipotent, as our spiritual powers are restricted and finite. Considering human existence has always been subject to the yoke of finitude; we are permanently enmeshed in intervals, fixed by death, the end and, above all, by birth, the beginning. In this short essay, then, I will try to present an argument in favour of acknowledging how analysis of the meanings of historicity can disclose some unnoticeable metaphysical foundations of our understanding of what history is.

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