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What conditions should not prevail? History-based learning. Plea for a negative approach to history-based learning

Philipp McLean – The argument unfolded by Lisa Regazzoni in her contribution And If History Were to Turn Its Back on the Future? A Thought-provoking Interjection, which questions the clear intentional and controllable connection between past and future, also opens up significant problems for learning from history. As a conceivable solution to this problem, the negative reference to history(s) is proposed here in order to reflectively derive from history(s) which social conditions should be avoided in the future; without, however, predicting these very developments with teleological certainty or assuming an inevitable development with regard to the improvement of freedom possibilities.
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And If History Were to Turn Its Back on the Future? A Thought-provoking Interjection

Lisa Regazzoni – “How do we want to write history in the future?” Invited to a roundtable to provide input in response to this apparently straightforward question, I had a sense of unease and quite a few difficulties. Not because I have no vision of how I would like to write history or because I’m incapable of imagining how history could or should be written in the future, assuming history is still told or represented in written form. My unease comes from having to link ideas such as “want to”, “writing history” and “future” in the same sentence.

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