Theory of History Wide Open

Theoretical ideas surface at different times and in different contexts of historical reasoning: they can serve as the basis for historical questions, emerge in the course of research, arise while drafting a narrative, or simply come to mind casually while reading or thinking. Many will remain fragmentary and inarticulate at first or merely be marginal and implicit in nature. We want to give prominence to theory of history issues, thoughts and approaches that are still work in progress and make this section an outspoken space for their expression. Which is why we would like to invite you to think outside the box, to become explorers and to give vent to all manner of considerations and approaches related to theory of history, regardless of whether they are inconsistent and sketchy or have been thought through to the end. In this sense, the editorial team is committed to an idea of theory of history that is not obsessed with finalized theories simply awaiting reception and application, but instead focuses on candid, self-reflexive, ceaseless questioning of our own research activity.

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